Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

May 21, 2019
Brenda Fredrickson called the meeting to order on May 21, 2019.  Present were Betty Holling, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Dominick Portanova, Selwyn Edwards, Michele Kaminsky, Betty Weaver, Diane Cain, Keacha Portanova, Nancy Cassidy, Angie Dornish, Brenda Fredrickson, Kenna Yarbrough, Linda Knapp, Kim Palmer and Kent Gregg.
Devotion:   Rev. Michele Kaminsky gave an opening prayer.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Sandy Yale, seconded by Larry Weaver and passed that the minutes of the April meeting be approved as read.

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that there are only 10 days left until the youth leave for their mission trip in Puerto Rico.  They will be leading a church service and helping in the church and with Vacation Bible School.  He wanted to thank everyone for their financial support and asked for our prayers for their trip.

Finance:  Brenda Fredrickson reported that we are down in income for the month but for year to date we are over by approximately $10,000.  Our expenses were over approximately $1,000 for the month and approximately $1,800 for the year.
We were reminded to review the written reports submitted by Michele, Angie, Worship and Missions
Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported that new blades for the garbage disposal are being made.
The cross has not been painted as yet but Kent Gregg offered to help with it.
Clean up day will be June 1.  Larry is looking for vacuum cleaners and wheelbarrows.
The roof drains are done.
The boiler passed inspection.
Larry thanked Kent Gregg for taking care of the emergency lights.
Larry is getting bids for phase 1 and 2 for the landscaping.  He has several members who want to help with this.
Larry and Betty Weaver reported that a person who is doing a study of church architecture has contacted them about including our church in the study.
Kent Gregg is helping with the chapel door repair.
There is a possibility of a building code violation concerning the boards that fell down in the Narthex.

SPR: Betty Weaver reported that we have a new Children and Youth Director: Kelsey Fernandez.  Betty also passed out a description of the position of Children and Youth Director.  Angie Dornish will announce the new director in church.

Old Business:  
Don Yale reported that the thermostats in the sanctuary are being kept at 66 degrees or 80 degrees when it is hot.  The finance committee will check to see if there have been any changes in the Public Service bill since we have been keeping the temperature more constant.
Don Yale reported that there is nothing new on the Columbarium project.
Nancy Cassidy and Kent Gregg reported on the directory project.  They are looking into an app that would have our directory on it.  The directory needs to be able to be printed out for those who do not have a smart phone.
Kim Palmer reported on the new contracts for rental of the church and fees.  A fee has been instituted for the custodians when the church is rented.
There was a discussion about having someone be paid as a building supervisor when the church is used by outside groups.
There was a discussion that the contract needs to include information about security
There was a discussion about changing the fee structure for the genealogy group for next year since they rent a room and are in and out frequently
Keecha Portanova made a motion, seconded by Kenna Yarbrough and passed to entrust the committee to approve the rules for the use of the building and to tweak the fee structure.
Anyone who wants to advertise something at the church needs to contact the marketing committee and they will make up a flyer and do the graphic design.

Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that we need to take security for the church very seriously.  If an in-house group is using the building, someone has to act as door monitor and be at the door to let people in so the door is never left unlocked.  Kent Gregg suggested the possibility of a keypad entrance with individual codes to get in.  He will discuss this with Michele
We now have 2 more walkie talkies for use in the church.  The speakers in the narthex and nursery need to be fixed.  Security will be discussed at the next all church meeting.
Michele discussed the fact that there is no unity in the United Methodist Church.  There is a possibility of a split in the church but as of now we don’t know how that will happen.  We will just keep doing what we have been doing.  We will continue to pay our Wider Missions payments.  The possibility of a split will be discussed at Annual Conference in June.
Centus Counseling has another counselor who would like to use the church.  This was tabled until Scott Finlay is here since they use his office.
Michele has someone who wants to donate a picture of Jacob’s Ladder to the church.  Michele was given the ok to make a decision about this.

Rev. Angie Dornish:  Angie reported that there will be 10 churches who participate in the Reconciling Ministry will be marching in the Pride Parade on June 16 in Cheeseman Park.  Larry Weaver made a motion, seconded by Selwyn Edwards and passed that an announcement about the event will be made in church.  Anyone who is interested in more information can contact Kenna Yarbrough.
Angie thanked those who had helped with the AP testing this year.  We had about 650 students at the testing.
Kent Gregg gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be July 23.  Sandy Yale and Betty Weaver will do devotions and a closing prayer.
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary