Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  



Chairperson, Kenna Yarbrough called the meeting to order on March 10, 2020. Present were, Dominick Portanova, Tom Duggan, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Betty Weaver, Keasha Portanova, Kelsey Fernandez, Bill Opp, Kent Gregg, Carol Donahue, Scott Finlay and Reverend Michele Kaminsky.


Betty gave an opening devotion.


A motion was made by Sandy and seconded by Tom to approve the February meeting minutes. It was unanimously approved.

Youth Report:

Dominick reported that the group was bonding while playing games. The youth are sad that Michele is leaving. There is a lock in on Friday March 13th in lieu of Youth Group on Sunday. The youth have started a fund raiser where church members can take any envelope off the wall and give the amount of money shown on the outside. Scott questioned what the goal was to all of the fundraising. Kelsey explained the youth would like to overseas for the next mission trip. They will also give more money to the church where they are staying in Salt Lake City.

Finance Report:

Bill explained that the balance sheet was not complete but the year to date numbers are looking very good. He was unaware of the change in the meeting date for Ad Council. He is meeting with Kent Bates, Financial Officer on Thursday. He was contacted by Larry as we had to purchase a new furnace.

Trustee Report:

Larry discussed the new furnace. Last week a new valve was put on the old furnace but it still was not working properly. He had Time Plumbing come back out and they found rust all through the system and told him we would need to replace it. The quote was $6,800 but they would give us a refund for the valve. Larry called Four Season’s Plumbing and they quoted the price of $4,300. It was installed on Saturday by Four Seasons.

The new ovens in the downstairs kitchen will be put in on Wednesday the 11th. The ovens were purchased with Permanent

Endowment funds.

Larry has asked for a quote from Brannan Asphalt for the parking lot. He has not heard back from them.

The phone system will be remotely updated so that you will not need to dial 9 for an outside line to call 911.

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SPR Report:

Betty announced that the SPRC will meet with Rev. Paul Kottke and a new minister on March 29th. Scott expressed his frustration with the long wait in between Michele’s announcement and this meeting. There has been some anxiety about the wait and Betty is excited to finally have a meeting.

Missions Report:

Sandy told the committee that Jeffco Action Center is in need of Personal items. They are also low on canned goods. Committee will meet on March 22nd after church. There will be a campaign for raising funds for Habitat for Humanity.

Old Business:

Don stated that they met with an architect regarding the Columbarium and Memorial area. There are several pieces to the project including clean up and screens around the air conditioners. Don would like to get the plans finalized by next week. We also need to decide on a full communal burial area or individual niches.

Kent Gregg explained that the next step in the Directory is to get information updated on a spreadsheet that needs to be completed. Kent will work with Thomas on completing the spreadsheet. Don said he would help Thomas with the project.

Pastor Report:

The care needs at AVUMC are significantly high right now. Many are needing more one-on-one time. Pastor Michele is “beefing up” the Care Team to help handle this and make it more manageable for a new pastor.

The Good Neighbor Team is holding the First World Café meeting after church on March 29th. This first café is for church members to discuss building relationships with the community. The membership will break up into groups and answer 3 questions to start positive discussions. The Good Neighbor program was started by District Coach, Susan Kaplan. The next café is on May 11th which will include the whole community. Pastor Michele hopes that many will attend. Scott suggested a longer letter explaining this meeting to engage more members. David Hachmeister has created a flier and Pastor Michele will follow up with him to see if we can get that out to more people in the congregation.

Pastor Michele held a Young Adult meeting with a few of our newer young adults who have joined the church. The purpose of the first meeting was to do some “brainstorming” on the type of ministry they would be interesting in starting. Pastor Michele said right away the group came up with ideas, a date to meet (April 19th) and someone offered to have this at their home. Pastor Michele believes it would be nice if Ad Council approved AVUMC paying for a babysitter so that the young adults could better interact. She and Kelsey have ideas on who to get. It will be about $60.00 a month. Betty moved that we pay for the sitter, Bill seconded and it was unanimously passed.

District Conference is March 28th. Don Yale will attend.
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Serving communion using communion cups on Sunday was difficult due to the fact that we did not have empty trays to put the used cups in. Pastor Michele asked for permission to purchase two new trays and plastic cups for $257.84. The council agreed that these are needed.

Michele discussed with the council suggested phases that AVUMC could implement during the Coronavirus outbreak. There was much discussion and a few items were changed. We will implement Phase 1 as of tonight and monitor the progression of this virus very closely.

Youth/Sunday School Director Report:

The Education Committee will meet regarding VBS on March 22nd. VBS may be held in July or August rather than June. The youth will again be filling eggs with candy for the Easter Egg hunt. This is a cumbersome job and Kelsey is going to ask the parents to help. Sunday School is going very well and we need to increase the amount of SS classes. However, Kelsey does not have enough volunteers. Two volunteers are needed in each classroom. Mindy Trujillo has started a newsletter for the children and their parents. Don suggested that Thomas be put on the email chain so that Thomas can track what is going on with the children. Right now, Kelsey is focusing on bonding with the youth. She does not have concrete particulars on the mission trips.

New Business:

Larry started a conversation about moving Ad Council to 6:30 rather than 7:00. Kenna asked for a show of hands. After further discussion this was tabled for a later date.

Next meeting will be April 21st and Kelsey volunteered to give the Devotion/Prayer.


Betty lead the council with a closing prayer. Meeting Adjourned 8:45.