Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

May 22, 2018
Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on May 22, 2018.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Linda Knapp, Don Yale, Angie Blattner, Larry Weaver, Betty Weaver, Carole Donahue, Dominick Portanova, Sandy Yale, Selwyn Edwards, Scott Finlay, Jim Reuteler and Michele Kaminsky.  Tom Duggan announced that his email is changed to
Devotion:  Angie Blattner gave a devotion.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Don Yale, seconded by Linda Knapp and the minutes of the April meeting were approved as read.

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that in the last month the youth have done mission trip planning, had a VBS parent student meeting, and attended a Reconciling Ministry meeting.  Their tea was a huge success and their Foos Ball table has been ordered.

Finance:  Don Yale reported we are approximately $3,000 ahead for the month of April and approximately $6,000 ahead for the year. Our non pledge giving is way up from last year. Our financial statement looks good right now but we need to be careful this summer because giving is traditionally down in the summer.  We paid our entire Wider Missions last year and we received a certificate which will be presented in June.

Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported the church clean up day was very poorly attended, including only one youth member and no boy scouts.  The youth are planning a clean up day on June 6.  Larry thanked Carole & Ralph Donahue and Kathy Gomendi for providing food for clean up day.
Larry reported that there is no asbestos in the ceiling in the Bride’s Room and the roof in the Genealogy Room is not leaking, some tiles just need to be replaced.
There has been a problem with the neighbors using the dumpster so a lock has been installed.
The old tax records have been shredded and old electronics have been recycled.
The air conditioner was not working last week but it has been repaired at a cost of approximately $900.
The wooden memorial bench in honor of the Millers will be dedicated on May 27.

Staff Parish Relations:  Betty Weaver reported that Ashley Given will be working in the office for the summer.  We have an applicant for the job starting at the end of summer.  They are cautiously optimistic about her.  She will be tested next week on the computer programs.  The office hours will be changed to 9:30 to 3:30  Don Yale moved, Selwyn Edwards seconded and it was passed that SPR, Ashley Given and the pastors will test Lynn’s skills next week, and discretely change the office hours in the bulletin and the newsletter

Worship: Linda Knapp reported that the outdoor service will be Sunday, Mary 27. She needs helpers to set up for the service.  Sandy Yale made a motion, seconded by Carole Donahue and passed that we approve buying 2 more canopies for the outdoor service.  There will be a request for help put in the Constant Contact for the week.
Reconciling Ministries:  Selwyn Edwards made a motion, seconded by Sandy Yale and passed that we have a church wide vote on the Reconciling Ministries question on June 24 after the church service.  It has to be a church conference and the District Superintendent has to be in attendance.  It will be a written ballot, only members can vote and no proxies are allowed.  There will be newsletter and bulletin announcements made.

Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that 9 plots in the community garden are now spoken for.  Boy Scout Pack 200 is now meeting at a school that is more convenient for them but the Boy Scout Troop 200 and the Girl Scouts are still meeting at the church.  
Michele presented a report on Supporting Vital Congregations & Communities which will be adopted at the combined Annual Conference in June.  The Yellowstone Conference and the Rocky Mountain Conference would be combined to make the Mountain Sky Conference if the merger is approved. As of July 1, this merger would also move us from the Mile High District to the Metro District and Rev. Paul Kotke would be our new District Superintendent.
Rev. Angie Blattner:   Angie reported that she and Keacha Portanova are planning to have a REFIT for a Reason fundraiser on June 30to benefit Love Made Claim, a non-profit that assists women coming out of sex trafficking.

Music Ministry:  Scott Finlay reported that Kick-Off Sunday will be September 9, the choir retreat will be August 25 and the first practice will be August 29.

Habitat for Humanity:  Jim Reuteler reported on fund raising for Habitat.  There are 12 churches that raise money and Jim visits one of them each month to say thanks for helping.  Building on a new house will begin November 8 of this year.  The possibility of having our church members make a long term commitment by having a Habitat for Humanity Sunday once a month was discussed.  Angie Blattner, Sandy Yale, Jim Reuteler and Linda Knapp will discuss AVUMC’s participation and make a recommendation to Ad Council.
Angie Blattner gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be July 17, 2018.   
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary