Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  
July 23, 2019

Chairperson Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on July 23, 2019.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Michele Kaminsky, Betty Weaver, Diane Cain, Keacha Portanova, Linda Knapp, Kim Palmer, Kelsey Fernandez and Lisa Bridenburg.
Devotion:   Betty Weaver gave an opening devotion.
Minutes:  A motion was made by Linda Knapp, seconded by Sandy Yale and passed that the minutes of the May meeting be approved as read.
Youth:  Keacha Portanova reported for Dominick Portanova that the youth had an amazing trip to Puerto Rico in June.  They are still participating in the After Hours Ministry on the first Sunday of the month and the Gomendi’s are helping. The youth group will start again in the fall and they are looking forward to meeting with their new leader. 
Finance:  Don Yale reported that June was a good month for the church due to a large gift.
$3,000.00 was received from the Permanent Endowment to pay for the new telephone system.  We are ok for finances year to date
We were reminded to review the written reports submitted by Michele, Worship and Kelsey.
Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported:
            -Phase 1 of the landscaping (rose garden) has been finished by Matt Carkeek
            -Phase 2 of the landscaping will be finished after the monarch butterfly migration finishes.
            -The air conditioning in the chapel has been repaired.  The thermostat had been pulled of the wall and it cost $1500 to put it back the right way.
           -The new garbage disposal will cost $3,462 and UMW donated only $2,000.  Various ways to raise the rest of the money were discussed.
           -The lawn mower broke but the custodian was able to replace it without spending a lot.
           -Kent Gregg will be painting the cross in late August.
          -There is an Eagle Scout who would like to build a little library.  This was approved.
          -Len Todd is looking into new locks for the church doors.
Old Business:  
The pianist reports that there is still some fluctuation on the thermostats in the sanctuary but it is better.  Don Yale will check to see if there is any difference in our Xcel Energy bill.
Discussion on the columbarium project was tabled until next meeting in the interest of time.
Marketing:  Kim Palmer discussed the building use fees and agreements.  The office is getting many special requests.  It was decided that when there is a special request it will be sent by email to the Ad Council Chairperson and the Marketing Chairperson and they will have the authority to grant it or not.  Tom Duggan asked that a template be made for these special requests which will then be attached to the contract after it is either approved or not.
      -There was a discussion about the Genealogy Group’s rental of a room.  They are currently looking for a new place for their office.  It was decided that we have no other             use for their office room so we will let them continue to rent it with the understanding that their fee for 2020 will be the same but it would go up the next year.  They will               pay the custodian’s fee for their meetings. Betty Weaver made a motion, seconded by Keacha Portanova that we charge them $100 per month plus the custodian fee for           their meetings starting in 2021.
     -There was a discussion about a request to use the chapel for a wedding in which a church member would be the presiding minister.  It was decided that the fee would not       be waived.  Sandy Yale will talk to the member who made the request.
    -There is a request that the fee be waived a folk music group that would meet on Sundays.  It was decided that the fee will not be waived.
    -It was decided that the fee for the Symphony Guild concerts will be raised to $80 per concert in 2020 and $100 per concert after that.
Betty Weaver will work on a script for the office manager to use when discussing fees with potential renters and will send it to Rev. Kaminsky for approval.
Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele would like us to discuss Strategic Planning for the church at our next meeting.  We will discuss whether we should continue with all the community outreach programs that we have been doing.
The Good Neighbor committee will discuss what we should be providing for the community and the possibility of partnering with other churches or local businesses.
Keacha Portanova suggested that we think about having a “trunk or treat” in the parking lot this year for Halloween instead of a big party.
Kelsey Fernandez:  Kelsey asked that if any questions arise about her job, please talk to her about it.  She is just learning her job as Children and Youth Director and will welcome input.
Betty Weaver suggested that it would be good if the youth would take pride in the youth room and keep it clean.
Don Yale passed out donation letters for people to take to vendors for donations for the auction.
Sandy Yale gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be September 17. Kelsey Fernandez will do devotions and a closing prayer.
 Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary