Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

November 20, 2018
Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on November 20, 2018.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Don Yale, Angie Blattner, Larry Weaver, Carole Donahue, Dominick Portanova, Selwyn Edwards, Michele Kaminsky, Betty Weaver, Brenda Fredrickson and Kent Gregg
Devotion:  Selwyn Edwards gave a devotion.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Larry Weaver, seconded by Don Yale and passed that the minutes of the October meeting be approved as read. 

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth feel that the nursery needs to be updated.  It was suggested that they approach UMW for funds for that project.  The youth are concerned about the van being unsafe after their trip to the mountains a few weeks ago.  They suggested having a fund raiser for a new van.  Don Yale reported that he believes the van is safe around town but perhaps needs snow tires if it is going to be driven in the mountains.  Don suggested that a fund raiser to buy new tires for the van could be a possibility.

Finance:  Brenda Fredrickson reported that for October we are $7,200 over in pledges but we are behind $19,000 in pledges for the year.  We made over $12,000 for the auction and $2,000 for the spaghetti dinner.  We are in good shape year to date for expenses.  The Finance Committee is working on a budget for 2019 and will have it done before charge conference on December 2.  Right now we are behind $20,000 in pledges for next year but there are still pledge cards to come in.  The budget needs to be approved by the Finance Committee in December and by the congregation in January.

Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported that Dave Gomendi is still working on the narthex floor.
The landscape clean up has been done for $1,700.
Larry is researching updating the church phone system.  We have 3 phone lines, 1 for the elevator and 2 for the offices, with 4 phones needed for the offices.  Larry has a bid of $3,145 for the project.  Don Yale is getting another estimate.
The metal cross in front of the office wing has not been painted yet.
The Boy Scouts had a flag burning ceremony for damaged flags but did not clean up, however the leader did clean up.
On November 11 someone piled junk beside the dumpster and was caught on the camera but the license number could not be identified.  A sign will be put up stating that the dumpster is under surveillance. 
The Central City Opera wants to use the church for 5 dates in 2019.  A motion was made by Don Yale, seconded by Brenda Fredrickson and passed that we charge them $300 per day to use the Chapel and some classrooms.
The north parking lot lights have been fixed, a ballast has been repaired in the Chapel and there is a possibility of replacing a light in the kitchen with an LED and getting a rebate from Xcel
Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that we had received a thank you note and a donation from Pam Holling for using the Social Hall for her Groove classes.
There was a discussion about times for Worship Services in December.  Selwyn Edwards made a motion, seconded by Larry Weaver and passed that we have only one service at 10am on all the Sundays in December.
Michele presented all the information that we need to have for charge conference December 2 at Golden UMC.  She thanked Selwyn for all her work on nominations, and especially for getting a lot of new members involved.  There will be a committee training session in January.
For the report of Membership and Worship attendance, Michele reported 6 baptisms, 22 new members, 361 members currently on our rolls, and an average attendance of 152.
For Clergy Compensation, Don Yale made a motion, seconded by Selwyn Edwards and passed that we approve the salary package for our senior pastor.
The Ad Council answered some questions and approved Angie Blattner as a candidate for ordained ministry.
Linda Knapp, Linda Swanson and Don Yale are our lay servants.
At charge conference we will agree to pay our Wider Missions pledge of 13% in full.
Don Yale made a motion, seconded by Brenda Fredrickson and passed that we approve the charge conference presentation, and we will be notified if there are any minor changes.

Missions:  Don Yale reported for Sandy Yale that the Missions Committee will be collecting sleeping bags for the homeless again this year December to January 10.
Selwyn Edwards gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be charge conference on December 2.
The next regular meeting will be January 15, with the all church conference January 20.  
Kent Gregg will do devotions at the January 15 meeting.
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary