Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  
January 16, 2018
Don Yale called the meeting to order on January 16, 2018.  Present were Brenda Fredickson, Betty Holling, Linda Knapp, Don Yale, Selwyn Edwards, Angie Blattner, Len Todd, Kim Palmer, Larry Weaver, Janet Graham, Carole Donahue, Dominick Portanova, Steve Yarborough, and Michele Kaminsky
Devotion:  Everyone shared something they are looking forward to for the new year.  Rev. Michele Kaminsky opened the meeting with a prayer.
Minutes:  A motion was made by Linda Knapp, seconded by Carole Donahue and the minutes of the October meeting were approved as corrected.
Finance:  Brenda Fredickson reported that more than 100% of pledges were brought in last year.  We are approximately $61,000 in the black.  A thank you letter for their support will be sent out from Ad Council and the Finance committee to every giving unit along with their yearly statement.  We did install a new boiler and a security system last year.  Janet Graham moved, seconded by Selwyn Edwards and approved that we accept the Finance Committee report.
Safety & Security Task Force:  Len Todd reported that the committee has been working to develop and implement protective measures and develop a protocol.  We do have a low threat level but they have met with interested parties to discuss what our response to a threat would be.  There will be 2 levels of ushers.  Tier 1 will be ushers with awareness training and they will be in the sanctuary during services.  Tier 2 will be ushers physically able to fulfill duties specified and will be in the building during most activities in the church.  Ad Council agreed to having the committee proceed with the usher’s duties as outlined in Len’s report.  There will be a first aid and CPR training for ushers on February 11 and training will be available for everyone at a later date.
The committee is recommending an inventory of all keys, a key control system and rekeying the locks. This is tabled for now.
The cost of an officer to be present for services would be about $14,000 a year.
The committee is looking into the possibility of concrete poles along the black top in 
front of the ramp to the narthex.
Reconciling Ministries Committee:  Selwyn Edwards reported that there has been good attendance at the informational meetings and they will continue to have more meetings.  They will tell the congregation that there is not a rush about this.
Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported on the bathroom remodel.  It will cost about $6,200, a 30% reduction since Larry will pick up the fixtures.  The project will be done in about 2 weeks.
On outdoor lights, Larry reported that it will cost about $490 per light to replace lights with LCDs.  For now, Larry will get the lights by the garden entrance replaced and will check on the other lights to see what kind of lights are in them.
The roofer will replace the damaged chapel window.
It was agreed that if a Christmas angel is put up again, it will not be so real looking.
Larry reported that he is looking for a bench for the Miller memorial.  It will be one that requires very little maintenance and will be installed in the South Garden after Easter.
SPR:  Steve Yarborough reported that they had over 30 applications for the office administrator job.  They have interviewed 3.  There is 1 strong possibility, but they will continue looking for someone for a while
Worship: Linda Knapp reported that we need to replace the candle sticks on the altar.  Linda Knapp made a motion, seconded by Larry Weaver and approved that we approve spending up to $1,200 for new altar candles.
Linda requested that we have a standing order for flowers for the altar even if a donation has not been made to pay for them.
Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that our accounting is being changed to Quickbooks.  It has been suggested that we change our office software to Service Keeper instead of Church Windows.  Selwyn Edwards made a motion, seconded by Steve Yarborough that Meg Leak, the finance committee and the office administrator pursue changing to Service Keeper up to a fee of $2,000 per year.
It was suggested that we change our newsletter program to a new monthly service that is free.  This was approved.
Michele has requested to take a sabbatical June 25 – August 18, 2018.  Steve Yarborough made a motion, seconded by Brenda Fredrickson and approved that we grant this sabbatical.
We have 4-6 adults and 2 children joining the church Sunday, January 21, 2018.
Rev. Angie Blattner:   Angie asked for prayers that her licensing be approved.  She will be able to start wearing a stole and administer sacraments on January 24.  We will have a ritual for her on January 28 in which Michele will present her stole.
There has been a request to revamp the social hall.  A blessing was given for them to take an inventory of the books that would be moved.  It was also agreed that they could form a committee and present a budget to update the Bride’s Room.
Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth have been volunteering at Mean Street, visited a musem, and made gingerbread houses.  The summer mission trip will be June 16-23, 2018 at Camp Hope in Belleville, CO.  The cost will be $200 per youth.  Fundraisers will be Refit for a Reason, Canvas & Cocktails and a tea.  They would like to save money for a possible trip to a foreign country in the future.
The next meeting will be February 20, 2018.   
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary