Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

APRIL 16, 2019
Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on April 16, 2019.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Dominick Portanova, Selwyn Edwards, Michele Kaminsky, Betty Weaver, Diane Cain, Scott Finlay, Keacha Portanova, Carole Donahue, Nancy Cassidy, Angie Dornish, Lisa Bridenburg, Christine Sheesley, Brenda Fredrickson and Kent Gregg.
Devotion:   Diane Cain gave a devotion.  
Rev. Michele Kaminsky offered a prayer for recently deceased members and for members who have current health concerns.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Larry Weaver, seconded by Brenda Fredrickson and passed that the minutes of the March meeting be approved as read.

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth group is filling plastic eggs and preparing for the Easter Egg hunt for children on Easter.  The youth group has a new member.  Rev. Angie Dornish’s mother in law spoke to the group about Puerto Rico.  The youth trip is only 6 weeks away.  They will be working on a school in Puerto Rico helping to restore it after a hurricane, painting classrooms and other duties.

Finance:  Brenda Fredrickson that for the month we are $5,000 behind in income but $3,500 ahead on expenses so we have a $1,400 difference from the budget.  For the year to date we are ahead $17,000 because of pledges that have been paid for the whole year.  Brenda is going to talk to the accountant about the possibility of amortizing those yearly payments on her reports.

Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported that the garbage disposal will be installed in the downstairs kitchen on Thursday.
The cross has not been painted yet.
The fire department has said that we need to replace our emergency lights so that will be done
Clean up day will be May 25th, with an alternate date of June 1st.  The Boy Scouts will help.  Larry has arranged for a dumpster to be there for a cost of $265.
The crabapple tree on the north side of the Fellowship Hall will be cut down.
There was a discussion about landscaping around the church and about seal coating the parking lot.  Larry will get an alternate landscaping bid.  Don Yale reported that there are several members that would be willing to donate to the landscaping.  
Larry reported that Aberdeen Construction wants $2,700 to repair the boards that fell down in the Narthex.  Michele and Larry will call them on Thursday and ask if it can be done for less. 
Old Business:  
Don Yale reported that the thermostats in the sanctuary are being kept at 66 degrees
Don Yale reported that he and Kent Oehm are working on a survey to be distributed to the congregation regarding a columbarium.
Nancy Cassidy reported on the church directory update.  The committee is recommending an Online Church Directory App/ Website that will cost $17 monthly and $220 year for a church that has more than 300 members.  There is an option to print out the photos for members who do not have a smart phone.  Kent Gregg and Nancy Cassidy will pursue this and show a sample to Ad Council next month.
Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that we have new team members for the worship team, Jason and Susan Minor.
Michele reported on the Good Neighbor Team.  She has 5 members confirmed and waiting to hear from 1 more.  They are hoping to meet the end of May.  The team will look at how our church can listen to the needs of our neighborhood and how we can work to connect with the people around us in a way that is most helpful to them.
The Bishop will host a Zoom leadership conference phone call on April 22 and April 30.  
Michele’s Spiritual Director has retired and she has a new one.  Michele will retreat and meet with her Spiritual Director once a month.

Rev. Angie Dornish:  Angie reported that there are 11 students and 4 leaders going on the youth mission trip to Puerto Rico in June.
Sandy Yale reported that the annual auction and Italian dinner will be October 4.
Lisa Bridenburg reported that she is keeping a list of visitors.  She is sending a card to visitors and wants to use our logo.  Nancy Cassidy will send the logo to her.
Selwyn Edwards reported that she wants to start on nominations soon and would like us to ask visitors and new members if they would be interested on serving on a committee.
Nancy Cassidy reported that she and Kim Palmer will be arranging the Easter flowers for the sanctuary.
Diane Cain gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be May 21 and then we will not meet in June.  Kent Gregg will do devotions and a closing prayer.
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary