Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

September 18, 2018
Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on September a8, 2018.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Linda Knapp, Don Yale, Angie Blattner, Larry Weaver, Betty Weaver, Carole Donahue, Dominick Portanova, Sandy Yale, Selwyn Edwards, Scott Finlay, Brenda Fredrickson, Brian Arnett, Christine Sheesley and Michele Kaminsky. 
Devotion:  Scott Finlay gave a devotion.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Sandy Yale, seconded by Linda Knapp and the minutes of the April meeting were approved as read.  Betty Holling thanked Betty
Weaver for taking the minutes at the last meeting.

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth will be having a fall retreat November 9-11.  They are doing a Bible study of the book What is the Bible by Rob Bell. Their mission trip next year will be to Puerto Rico June 1-7.

Finance:  Brenda Fredrickson reported that we are behind $9,000 in pledges for the month and $16,000 for the year, however we are ahead in non pledged giving.  Don Yale is in charge of the Stewardship Campaign this year.  It will be October 7-28 and the theme is “Dream Big, Love Boldly and Give Believing."  Brenda asked that all committee chairs think about their budgets for next year.  She will ask the church administrator to run reports of what was spent by the committees this year.

Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported on the leak of the boiler pipe.  A bid of $2,100 has been accepted.  
There was a discussion about the bids for repairing the parking lot.  For repaving the whole lot the bid is $104,000. To crack, seal & stripe there are 2 bids for $27,000 or $22,000.  It was decided to table doing anything about the parking lot for now.
There was a discussion about bids for different projects for landscaping.  Don Yale made a motion, seconded by Christine Sheesley that we approve the bid of $2,700 for  cleanup and authorize Larry Weaver, Brian Arnett and Matt Carkeek to get together to discuss other landscaping projects for spring.

Missions:  Sandy Yale reported that donations for Habitat for Humanity totaled over $300 last Sunday.  Linda Knapp will be our liaison to Habitat this year assisted by Dave Gomendi and Jim Reuteler. The new build will start the week of November 12.  It will be a single-family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  As yet a family has not been identified for the house, but they might start without a family.  November 4 will be Habitat Sunday at AVUMC.  The new coordinator will be here that Sunday and there will be a demonstration in the chapel.  Our portion of the fundraising is $5,000 of which $1,700 has been raised so far.  There will be a notice in the bulletin for people to sign up to help.
Sandy announced that AVUMC members had packed 320 backpacks for the racers in the Mean Street Ministries 5K fundraiser.
Missions will be again collecting sleeping bags to distribute to the homeless in December.
The Action Center has very little in their Food Pantry.  We will start a campaign to collect nonperishables for that.

Worship: Linda Knapp reported that the downstairs storage closet is full again and she would like for people not to use it for a dumping ground.
Linda discussed putting the Christmas tree up the week of November 26.  Don Yale is arranging for someone to do it and will coordinate it with Sharlene Jung.
Dave & Kathi Gomendi have requested the use of a storage room for Street Reach gear after they close until they find a new place to reopen.  Linda Knapp moved, seconded by Selwyn Edwards and passed that we provide them space until the end of January, 2019.

Safety/Security Task Force:  Tom Duggan announced that he had a written report from them and he will forward it to the other members of Ad Council.  Rev. Michele Kaminsky reported that there has been a problem with the front door not being closed properly.  A policy will be set up so that each group that meets at the church during non-office hours will be responsible for having a monitor who will let people in and be responsible for making sure the door is secured.

Nominations:  Selwyn Edwards reported that nominations will start soon.  She asked that chair people look at their committees and ask if committee members want to rotate off.  She will try to get new church members involved.

Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported on the Way Forward Committee for the UMC that will decide how the church will move forward with regard to the LGBTQ community.  Our church will have a meeting January 20 to discuss what is happening and then will have another meeting March 3 to report the results of the special conference and to offer insight as to what this means for the UMC and AVUMC,
There will be a committee training meeting on January 13.  The committees will gather for lunch and then split into the individual committees for training.
A new welcoming committee will be formed to track visitors, give information to visitors and help assimilate new members.
We are now part of the Mile Hi Metro District.  We will form a Good Neighbor Team probably after the first of the year to help build a relationship with the community.
We will have a Circuit Charge Conference again this year with our other circuit churches.  The conference will be at First Golden UMC December 2 from 2-5pm

Music Ministry:  Scott Finlay reported Chancel Choir has 28 members this year and everyone, including the choral scholars are loving it. Sarah Breverson who teaches cello and piano would like to use the church for some of her lessons in return for which she will play in church if we need her and give free lessons to someone from the church.  Don Yale moved, seconded by Larry Weaver and passed that we approve this proposal.
Scott Finlay gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be October 16, 2018.   
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary