Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

March 20, 2018
Larry Weaver called the meeting to order on March 20, 2018.  Present were Brenda Fredickson, Betty Holling, Linda Knapp, Don Yale, Angie Blattner, Larry Weaver, Carole Donahue, Dominick Portanova, Sandy Yale, Selwyn Edwards, Christine Sheesley, Brian Arnett and Michele Kaminsky
Devotion:  Linda Knapp gave a devotion about the hymn: “There is a Green Hill Faraway”.
Minutes:  A motion was made by Brenda Fredickson, seconded by Don Yale and the minutes of the February meeting were approved as corrected.
Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth are doing a Bible Study.  They are required to attend 3 sessions to be able to go on the mission trip but they are enjoying it so much that they want to continue.  They are going to New Mexico for their mission trip.  They will be helping at Mean Street again next week.  He reported that they are all very proud of Angie Blattner for setting up all of these events.
Finance:  Brenda Fredickson reported we are approximately $34,000 ahead for the year due to some pledges being paid ahead for the full year.  The computer program Servant Keeper is being installed.  Meg Leak and Brenda are working on the data base.  Kent, the accountant is doing well.
Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported the church clean up day is scheduled for April 28 from 9-2.  He is hoping that the youth and the boy scouts will help.  
Larry bought and installed 2 CO2 detectors in the church.  
Building code requires that we have to have drinking fountains so we will be keeping 2.  Larry is going to be clarifying exactly what the code specifies.
It has been recommended that the nursery doors be able to be locked from the inside for safety.  Dave Gomendi is working on that.
There was a discussion about Narthex entrance barriers.  There is a possibility of putting in some concrete planters or some posts but further investigation is needed before we do anything.
The office administrator, Judy, is updating the church voice mail.
Worship: Linda Knapp reported that Larry Denton has completed the new candle holders for the sanctuary.  Kim Palmer and Karen Stevens have been doing a great job of decorating the altar and Ashley Givens and Keacha Portanova will be doing it after Easter.
Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that she is still a circuit leader for 8 churches for the district.
A woman has sent an email requesting rides to church.  It was decided for safety to suggest that she call Uber, the senior resource center or the RTD ride service until she has become established at the church at which time we will reconsider.
The counselor for CENTUS is now ready to begin seeing patients.  CENTUS is having a fund raising campaign and we donated $250 to them from mission funds.
Rev. Angie Blattner:   Angie reported that she is looking for a bigger table and some chairs to put in the children’s corner in the Social Hall.  
Scott Finlay and Larry Weaver are donating money to get a Foosball table for the youth room.
A survey is being sent out to the parents of the Sunday School students to see if they would like to have Sunday School for the older students at 9am on Sundays and the younger students during the church service.  If we do this, we will have to provide something for the younger children and their parents to do while the older children are in Sunday School.
Angie reported that she had attended the Habitat for Humanity dedication.  It took 400 volunteers 2300 hours to finish the house.  She wanted to thank Jim Reitler for all his work on the project.  The next house will be started in September or October.  The Loaves and Fishes organization wants to have more personal contact with the family for the next house.
New Business:  
Dick Radow and a group of members would like to donate $2,000 seed money for the improvement of the memorial garden.  There was a discussion about the memorial garden and the possibility of a columbarium.  A questionnaire will be sent out to see who is interested in a columbarium.  Don Yale will talk to Dick Radow and see what his group has in mind.
There was a discussion about changing the time schedule for worship to one service at 9:30 this summer.  The possibility of the change will be put in the newsletter for April to see if anyone has strong feelings about it.
Larry Weaver reported that the memorial bench and a plaque to honor the Millers are here.  They will be installed outside the narthex and an announcement will be made about it on Memorial Day.
Larry thanked Don Yale and Charlotte Maybury for taking over the project of identifying keys and who has keys.  They need a bigger key box to hold more keys.
There was a discussion about having so many fund raising activities in the social hall every Sunday.
Linda Knapp gave a closing prayer.
The next meeting will be April 17, 2018.   
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary