Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

JANUARY 21, 2020

Chairperson Kenna Yarbrough called the meeting to order on January 21, 2020.

Present were, Tom Duggan, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Betty Weaver, Diane Cain, Keasha
Portanova, Kelsey Fernandez, Brenda Frederickson, Kent Gregg, Donna Gregg, Scott Finlay and
Reverend Michele Kaminsky.

Kenna thanked Tom for his Ad Council leadership and for his new role as Lay Leader. Kenna
announced Betty will be taking minutes for Ad Council. Kenna discussed that she will be
conducting these meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order and will attempt to keep the meetings
respectful and within the meeting time frame.

Kent Gregg gave an opening devotion.

A motion was made by Sandy and seconded by Kenna to approve the December meeting
minutes. It was unanimously approved.

Finance Report:
Brenda (filling in for Bill Opp) reported that we are $19,000 ahead of what has been budgeted.
The Gratitude Campaign was a success and many more signed up for auto deposit.

Trustees Report:
Larry discussed the cost of the second phase of our landscaping plans. To add plants to the area
would increase the total cost to $7,000. Kent moved that we start the second phase. It was
seconded by Betty. It was approved with one abstention. Kenna will work with Matt Carkeek on
using native plants that require less water.
Larry requested permission to purchase new chairs for the Social Hall. Council agreed that the
current chairs need to be replaced. Scott recommended that we contact Green Standards LTD.
This company provides furniture donations to non-profits. Larry will check into this company
before purchasing new chairs.
Parking Lot bids were discussed. Due to the depth of the cracks, Larry feels that just patching the
damaged areas would not be in our best interest. Don asked for more detailed information on
Asphalt Paving’s substantially higher bid for $90,000. Kenna suggested Larry get additional
bids for this project. Brenda will be contacting Golden UMC on who they used for their parking
lot project.
Diane asked where the movable stairs went that were located in the Fellowship Hall by the stage.
Larry explained the Church Mutual Insurance requested that they be removed or that handrails be
placed on the stairs. For now, the stairs are in storage.

SPR Report:
Betty announced that for now, Thomas Bannister will be the Office Manager. She thanked Don
for training Thomas. Betty explained that he is currently a contractor for AVUMC and SPR is
giving Thomas the opportunity to see if this is a position, he is interested in taking.

Old Business:
Michele has a member who is interested in doing an adult Lenten class. Kelsey thinks her budget
would be used for materials for this class.

Columbarium Report:
Don explained that a survey has been made and it will be going out to the congregation to allow
members to provide their feedback and interest on this project.

Kent lead a discussion on the new directory. Don will provide him an accurate membership list.
The company we are using provides a one-time free download of all the directory information.
Changes that are needed after the initial download would be handled by our office staff. After
church, Kent is willing to have a list so the congregation could verify their information. There
was a concern voiced regarding privacy issues. Scott suggested that we use index cards for
individuals to review.

Kenna is setting up the new Donut Hour list and will be posting that information for committee

Pastor’s Report:
Pastor Michele wanted the council to understand that Kelsey is not our Associate Pastor but
rather a Children/Youth Director. She has been asked to do various things that Pastor Angie did
as Associate Pastor.
Our new District Superintendent is Jessica Rooks. Pastor Michele is excited about her taking this
Pastor Michele discussed different church sizes and their relationships, leaderships and
structures. AVUMC started as a Family Church (fewer than 50 active members) and currently is
a Pastoral//Program Church which is defined by 50-350 active members. We are now moving
into a Corporate Church definition with 372 members. We have an average attendance of 167.
As a Corporate Church, certain things will change. There is less and less time for visits to those
in serious trauma or someone who is sick. Pastor Michele is going to “beef up” the Care Team
who will help visit the homebound. Donna suggested she promote the Care Team to get
additional members. Keesha said that this could be promoted during Lay Servant training. At
Kenna’s home church, a retired minister had a small paid position to help with those needing
home visits.

Youth Report:
Kelsey announced that sample Magnus coffee that the youth may sell will be available at church
this Sunday. The youth will be making chili and selling it on February 2 nd . The youth are also
selling chocolate starting February 2 nd for 3 weeks.
A new youth schedule has been posted. The Mission Trip to Salt Lake will include serving food
at the Salt Lake Rescue Mission. The 4 th Sunday of the month, the youth will provide food at
After Hours. VBS will be in August if she has the volunteers.

New Business:
AVUMC was broken into on Saturday night, January 18 th at 10:22 PM. Two young people
entered the building through a window in the Fellowship Hall. Video surveillance shows them
looking into several rooms and then leaving 4 minutes after they entered. Pastor Michele
circulated pictures of the intruders to the council. Discussion followed about what we could do to
prevent another break-in. We cannot use alarms due to the number of groups using the building.
Michele has reported the incident to Safety in Faith. Pastor Michele will contact the Boy Scout
troop leader to let him know about this and the importance of closing windows. Larry has
repaired the window.

Focus Group:
Kenna told the council about a focus group she attended, where they talked about a report of 13
ministers both conservative and liberal. The mediator was Ken Fineburg who works with
victims. They wrote a report about reconciliation and grace through the separation. Kenna found
the report exciting and doable. There will be a vote at the annual conference in May. Scott spoke
about how our church is growing now that we took a stand to do what was right regarding the
LBGTQ members.

Pastor Michele advised the council that Kent Ingram will be speaking at Evergreen UMC on
January 28 th at 4:00 PM regarding the split of the Methodist churches. He is a voting delegate to
the General Conference.

Next Ad Council meeting will be February 18 th at 7:00 PM

Kent Gregg gave a closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned.