Ad Council Minutes

  Ad Council Minutes  

March 19, 2019
Tom Duggan called the meeting to order on March 19, 2019.  Present were Tom Duggan, Betty Holling, Don Yale, Sandy Yale, Larry Weaver, Dominick Portanova, Selwyn Edwards, Michele Kaminsky, Betty Weaver, Kenna Yarbrough, Diane Cain, Scott Finlay, Keacha Portanova, Carole Donahue, Nancy Cassidy, Angie Dornish, Linda Knapp, Brian Arnett and Lisa Bridenburg.
Devotion:   Betty Weaver gave a devotion.

Minutes:  A motion was made by Larry Weaver, seconded by Linda Knapp and passed that the minutes of the January meeting be approved as read. The February meeting was cancelled due to weather.

Youth:  Dominick Portanova reported that the youth is having their fundraiser “Noodles and Doodles” on Saturday, March 23.  After this fund raiser their mission trip for this year is fully funded.  Dominick thanked Sandy Yale and the missions committee for donating $1,000 to the youth.  Confirmation Sunday will be April 3 and there are 3 confirmands.  Their pallet painting fund raiser will be held in the fall.

Finance:  Don Yale reported that February was good income wise but bad expense wise.  We broke even for the month after we paid 2 months of our Wider Missions pledge.  Year to date we are on a break even basis.  Scott Finlay reported that music expenses have been high because he bought new music and the piano had to be tuned.  The organ still needs to be tuned.  The fluctuating temperature in the sanctuary is affecting the piano so it was decided to leave the thermostat in the sanctuary at 66 degrees constant temperature for the next month and see if that raises our heating bill significantly.

Trustees:  Larry Weaver reported that the new phone system is working great.
The new garbage disposal will cost approximately $1,500 and will be installed this weekend.  The plumbers will also fix some other leaks when they install the disposal.
We are still having a problem with people not putting trash bags in the dumpster and then the custodian has to put them in the next day.  There will be an email sent to organizations that use the church and an announcement in the bulleting asking people to be sure to put their trash in the dumpster.
A pump was replaced for $2,200.
We do not want food and drink in the sanctuary.  There will be a note about this in the newsletter and Nancy Cassidy is going to make some nice signs regarding this.
Some pieces of wood that fell down in the social hall are being replaced.
The Bible Study group is being asked to meet in the social hall to cut down on the noise in the office wing.

Education:  Diane Cain reported that she needs volunteers for Vacation Bible School which will be June16-20.  After a newsletter announcement she only got 3 volunteers and she needs about 30.  Angie Dornish is going to serve as coordinator.  There will be an announcement made in church on Sunday and the education books to be used will be available to look at so potential volunteers can see which areas they would be interested in.  Diane will be available in the narthex for people to sign up.  She also would like to have the marketing committee publicize VBS.

Worship:  Linda Knapp reported the latest Habitat house is finished but they do not yet have a family for it because of changes in the qualifications.  Steve Peck has been the only volunteer who has worked on both of the last 2 houses.  All volunteers will be recognized at a future church service and special recognition will be given to Steve Peck.

Old Business:  The copier has been repaired and a new service contract has been put in place for future problems.
There was a discussion about the pricing for using the church.  Kim Palmer has sent out a draft of th pricing but the committee will be meeting to finalize the document.  Scott Finlay reported that he needs to be notified when musical instruments are being moved.
Don Yale is working on the survey about the columbarium.

Music:  Scot Finlay reported that the spring music concert series will be 3 Mondays in May.  There will be one instrumentalist for the Good Friday service and a brass quintet and the organ for Easter Sunday.

Rev. Michele Kaminsky:  Michele reported that the format for services during Lent of having the congregation be quiet as they enter church is mostly working.
The District Charge Conference will be March 30.  Michele, Sandy & Don Yale, Faye Veal and Angie Dornish will be attending.  We have been asked to provide the church van but it may not be needed.
It was decided to have only 1 church service at 10am for Easter.  If we need extra chairs they will be set up in the Narthex.
Annual Conference will be June 13-16.  A speaker for church will be needed on June 16.  Michele will ask Don Bleyle if he would be the speaker.  Angie Dornish will be ordained at the conference.

Rev. Angie Dornish:  Angie reported that she needs candy donated for the Easter egg hunt.  She will set up a donation station.
She reported that the youth group fundraising goal for the mission trip has been met but they may need additional money for supplies.

New Pictorial Directory:  Nancy Cassidy reported on a plan to print a new directory since the last one is very outdated.  There was a discussion about having a professional photography group do the directory and also about having the directory on the web site and about an app named “Breeze”.  Nancy will look at the different ideas and report back to Ad Council at the April meeting.
Lisa Bridenburg was welcomed as the chairperson for the Welcoming Committee.
Betty Weaver gave a closing prayer.

The next meeting will be April 16.  Diane Cain will do devotions and a closing prayer.
Respectfully submitted
Betty Holling, Secretary