The following notes on trust are taken from Brene Brown's book
Braving the Wilderness.


Seven Elements of Trust - BRAVING

B = boundaries
Others respect our boundaries & if they don’t know what’s ok & what’s not ok,
they should ask, & we should be willing to say no

R = Reliability
We do what we say we’ll do, which means knowing our competencies & limitations
so we don’t overpromise & then find ourselves unable to deliver

A = Accountability
We own our mistakes, apologize for them & seek to make amends

V = Vault
We don’t share what is not ours to share. We keep confidences.

I = Integrity
We choose courage over comfort, right over what is fun, fast or easy.
We practice what we believe & not just say what we believe.

N = Nonjudgemental
We ask for what we need and listen when others ask for what they need w/o judgement.

G = Generosity
We extend the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words & actions of others. 
pp 38-39


Applying these seven elements to Self-Trust

Did I respect my boundaries? Was I clear w/ my boundaries?

Did I do what I said I would?

Did I hold myself accountable?

Did I share appropriately?

Did I act w/ integrity?

Did I ask for what I needed? Did I refrain from judging myself & others?

Was I generous toward myself, giving myself the benefit of the doubt?
p. 39