Children's Sunday School

  Children's Sunday School  
Last updated on April 4, 2020
    Sunday April 5th Palm Sunday

    Sunday April 5th

    Palm Sunday

    Hello everyone! Oh how I miss you all so much! 
    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your
    families and that you are taking time for yourself
    everyday as well!

    I have linked further down on the page, some
    youtube videos about Palm Sunday! 
    Both are great to watch, I enjoyed both of them! 
    After you watch the videos, there is also a link
    here to a google doc. folder with coloring pages
    and activity sheets!

    Lastly, I challenge you all to do
    something special this next week:

    Spread kindness! 

    The people who greeted Jesus knew he was King
    and knew he was someone that would help them.
    How can we show others apprecaition and kindness?
    How can we show others that they are important
    to us and that we trust them?

    It can be hard to spread kindness in a time when
    we are taking care of ourselves and our family.
    I know that if we sit down and really think, pray, 
    and reflect on kindness, so many great ideas will
    come to us!

    So take time this week, get together with your
    families and brainstorm some ideas about how
    you can spread kindness in this time of isolation!

    Some ideas my family has brainstormed:
    • write a letter or draw a picture for someone- 
      spread kindness through nice words, poetry, 
      compliments, and warm wishes! Draw your 
      favorite summer activity and tell someone 
      about how you can't wait to enjoy that 
      activity with them! 
      • you can drop it off on a neighbor's porch
         while on a walk or send it in the mail to 
        a loved one far away!
    • remind people there is still so much beauty in the 
      world by making outdoor art!
      • use elements of nature to build a beautiful 
        design near a walking path
      • paint rocks with colorful designs and 
        pictures and leave them for people to see 
        and share in your kindness
    • dont forget to spread kindness to those you are 
      sharing your home with!
      • offer to do a chore your parents usually do
      • help make dinner or do the dishes after
      • offer to help out with younger siblings while 
        your family takes a break
    We can all spread kindness in this time of change
    and we could all use some kindness as well!


    I am praying for kindness, serenity, and curiousity
    for all of you, until next week,
    Kelsey Fernandez
    p.s. email me [] the ways/pictures
    of how you spread kindness and I can post them
    here next week!


    Check out these two videos to learn more about Palm Sunday:

    For younger audience:

    For a little older audience:

    Here are some  activities and coloring pages: