Pinwheels for Prevention

  Pinwheels for Prevention  
The following information is from Ralston House, the organization we support that helps abused children. Usually, during the month of April we buy pinwheels for $5.00 each to show our support. This year they are doing a virtual pinwheel garden. If you are interested, please read the information below. If you would like to donate, please click on the link below.

Dear Supporters,

We are in living in uncertain and challenging times right now because of COVID-19 and the impact that the virus is having on our community. 

We Remain Open for Emergencies
Ralston House, your community's child advocacy center, has remained open amid the COVID-19 State ordered shelter-in-place mandates as our forensic interviewers and victim advocates provide the community, law enforcement and human services investigators with an essential service. By being available to high priority cases, Ralston House is able to continue to give child victims a voice. The cases that we have seen since the shelter-in-place mandates went into effect have been essential or emergent; cases where children were in peril or imminent danger or the public was at risk.
Expect to See a Surge
We anticipate an increase in disclosures once the shelter-in-place mandates are lifted and families emerge from isolation and children begin disclosing the abuse they endured while being isolated with their perpetrators. Our May calendar is already full and we're beginning to make appointments for June. We're at capacity.
Decrease in Funding
We continue to be confronted with the reality of a drastic decline in fundraising dollars lost from opportunities this spring. This is why it's more important now, than ever before, for us to lean on our community in these difficult times. 

We Need You Now More Than Ever Before
In anticipation of the surge and the backlog of cases, Ralston House needs our community now more than ever before. Donations toward our mission to stop the abuse and start the healing for children and youth in our community are appreciated. 
Pinwheels are a great way to get involved and give back to Ralston House. Pinwheels offer a tangible symbol of child abuse awareness and have varying financial commitment levels. We invite you to purchase a pinwheel to be placed in our virtual garden to show your support for child victims and their families. 
And finally, thank you for your unending support, for standing beside us as we prepare to forge ahead - to fundraise to meet the needs of the children in our community, as we prepare for the surge in cases; children disclosing the abuse they endured while in isolation and vulnerable to their perpetrators. 
We are ready. And we are confident we can meet this and any challenge, with you by our side, head on.  We are ready.  
Thank you and stay safe,

Don Moseley
Executive Director