Blog January 25, 2015

  Blog January 25, 2015  

January 25, 2015

Have you ever had a day when you had no questions for God? Have you had a moment when you had no questions for God?  Keep that in the back of your mind for a moment.  

Life is good.  I have been saying that since waaayyyyyy  before it turned into a “thing.”  You know, now you can buy shirts, dog bowls, mugs, and washer and dryers, for crying out loud, from the company called “Life is Good.” Dang it.  I could be that zillionaire because I really did think of it first.  Ben is my witness.  Oh well, guess that would have changed my path completely and I would not be writing this right now.  I would not be where I am, with the same people, living where I do.  One little (or huge, as the case may be) change in things can cause your whole life to take another path completely.  For that reason, sigh, I do not regret not trademarking my saying.  You can bet if I think of another one that is catchy, I am going to trademark that puppy. 

When my children complain about a hard day, or a hard person, or a class etc…..we discuss those things.  Usually, after the conversation, I say to them, “life is good?”  Sometimes if I get no response, or a grumble, I will state the fact.  Life is good.  Look around you.  Look at the beauty around you, be it in people, nature, whatever.  We are so, so fortunate to be in this wonderful life.  Yep, some days are ick.  Sometimes things are hard.  I have been asking my kids for the high/low of their day since Nick, now 18, was a toddler. 

I can remember one day I picked him up from school and he had a storm cloud hanging over him.  I could see it before he hit the car.  You know how Pig Pen in Snoopy has the cloud of dirt around him?  It was like that.  On the way home he growled about how bad of a day it was, lunch was horrible, he forgot his homework, etc. etc. etc.  I said, “Wow, Nick, sounds like a rough one. I am so sorry. What was something good that happened today?”  Not one thing.  The whole dang day was stupid, horrible, and rotten.  So, I told him I was going to drive around until he thought of something, because I KNEW that at least one good thing happened that day.  We drove around.  He grumbled, was starving, just wanted to go home and watch TV.  I did not cave in.  I drove on.  He got quiet.  Finally, he kind of started to try not to laugh.  I could see him in my rear view mirror. He could not believe I was doing this.  He said, “OK, Mom, OK….now is pretty good.  Being with you right now is pretty good.” Life is good.  We went home and had a snack and watched TV.  I have learned things about my kids and their life by asking the high/low that I never would have known otherwise.  

Many times when I am having a hard day, or hard moment, I think of questions I have for God when He meets me at the Pearly Gates.  You know, like why, why, why do horrible things happen to wonderful people? Why are some people so evil?  How is it that one person, Mother Teresa, was able to save so many?  Where did that strength come from in that tiny woman?  I ponder about stupid things too, like what is the purpose of flies?  Mosquitos?  If the band KISS was able to sing the beautiful song, “Beth”, why did they just make all that noise with the others? (OK, maybe that question should be for Gene Simmons)  The point is, most days we have questions for God.  Have you ever had a day, or moment, with no questions? I have.

This fall I was riding my beloved Stuart.  Stuart is my therapy horse. About 8 years ago I developed drop foot.  It is a common MS thing.  Basically, my left foot has very little feeling, my hip does not work right and that whole side is outta whack.  When I am riding a horse, however, my body works like the body of a person with no MS.  The motion of the horse forces my hip, knee, ankle to move as if nothing was wrong.  With my feet in those stirrups, I can FEEL that limb.  It is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.  After I ride, I am sore, my muscles usually tremor a lot that night and I hurt the next day.  It is the best feeling in the whole world.  It is awesome.  That muscle that never moves, is tired.  How great is that?  Life is good.   Anyway, the name Stuart sounds so silly, but it suits him perfectly.  He is huge.  He does tricks, like hug you, bow, smile etc.  He is a ham. 

One time the leader was not following the signals I was giving Stuart.  He was irritated and walked straight over to the corral wall and put his head against it.  He would not budge.  He is funny, very spunky, and Stuart is the perfect name.  On this beautiful fall day I got to ride Stuart outside.  The sun was just starting to go down and there was this awesome sky.  There was a bright pink layer with a pale pink layer under it. The sky was dusty blue with a few puffy clouds.  It was one of those times when the moon is out at the same time as the sun.  I was trotting, which is by far one of my favorite things in the whole world.  It is amazing for me to be able to run.  I have not so much as jogged down the driveway for 10 years and Stuart allows me to run!  I could see Laura catching rabbits and hear her laugh.  In a small corral in the distance there was a new colt running off some steam.  I looked over the fields at that sky and I felt God wrapped around me.  I had not a single question.



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