Blog December 29, 2015

  Blog December 29, 2015  

December 21, 2015


Ok, I won’t say it.  Lot’s of times I am thinking it.  Ben and the kids make fun of me because they say that whatever holiday is coming up, that is my “favorite.”  That is not the case with Christmas.  How terrible to type that in a Christian place.  Let me explain a bit.  I am a hum-bug about it all for several reasons….I hate crowds of people.  I don’t like clutter in any way, shape, or form.  I find the whole deal filled with hypocrisy.  People are out pushing and shoving for the latest “thing”, being nasty and grouchy (I always see people being so mean to their kids), waiting in lines, I don’t like germs (wow, that is an issue all of its own), etc. etc. etc.  It just seems so silly.  Everyone is too busy to see straight.  How many people have told you today how busy they are?  Or that they are almost “ready.”?  Ready??  I don’t get it.  Like if you don’t find these perfect gifts and wrap them perfectly, cook and bake until you are exhausted, run around the malls and stores like a chicken with its head cut off, then you are not ready??? Everyone is asking what you “want” for Christmas, or telling you what they “want” for Christmas.  How ludicrous.  If you really think about that, it doesn’t make sense at all.  


Christmas, to me, is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  It means everything.  It is an awesome and holy day.  If you buy nothing, if you bake nothing, if you do nothing, it will come anyway.  Just like the “Who’s down in Whoville” said, it doesn’t come wrapped in a bow.  It comes into your heart and that is Christmas.  Last weekend Ben, Laura, and I drove up to the mountains to cut our Christmas tree.  I love that day.  We bring the dog, hot chocolate, and make a day of it.  I could care less what the tree looks like, really, but Ben and Laura hike all around looking for the perfect one.  Laura also cuts a small one to put in her room.  That experience starts my feelings of the season.  It is the being together, in nature, laughing and throwing snow balls to the dog.  My heart felt full of Christ that day.  


I am not saying I am above the whole gift thing.  I do buy gifts for my loved ones.  When asked what I want, my standard answer is a box of pears.  I mean it too.  Last year I didn’t get one and it got ugly.  I’m still a little bitter over it.  I want the real deal, Harry and David.  The pears come individually wrapped in beautiful gold foil and there is just 8 per box.  Sometimes I let them split one or something, but I keep pretty close tabs on my pears.  It is making my mouth water just thinking about it.  This year I asked for the pears and for all of the mismatched socks to disappear.  That is guaranteed to happen.  I told Laura I wanted Santa to just pack them on his sleigh and take them to whatever planet all of the mates are on.  Don’t match them and bring them back, just make them disappear forever.  Twice a year or so I throw away all of the mismatched socks because they really bug me.  Ben has a fit over it.  He doesn’t know it’s coming until now, along with the rest of you.  I do not let Ben read my blog before it is live.  He is such an excellent technical writer, he really is.  I don’t write that way and just want to do my own thing.  So, by the time he reads this, the socks will already be in sock land.  Sorry.  The gift is one I am giving to myself.  I encourage all of you to gift yourself something that makes you feel more peaceful on the inside.  The feeling of dumping that pink laundry basket over into the garage trash can gives me a rush of relief, costs nothing, and makes me a happier person.  I have already gone to Target and bought socks.  Seems like such a no brainer to me.  Now that stress is gone forever….until the basket gets full again.  When the mom feels happier, the whole family is happier, right? Definitely true in this house.    


It has not been hard for me not to get pulled into the whole chaotic scene this year for some reason.  Seeing the children do their play last weekend at church was so funny and beautiful.  Watching Laura sing solo with the school choir was something that gave me chills and I will never forget.  Cutting the tree in the snow was great.  I got to see my parents and the rest of the family over Thanksgiving, a real gift that we are all still here.  I am keeping the Christmas celebration low key as I don’t think it is supposed to be stressful.  If I use all of my pennies (a reference from a prior blog) preparing for Christmas, I may not have enough left to enjoy it.  So, the tree is up, the lights are beautiful, the gifts are reasonable, and I am ready.  I am ready to celebrate that day, the day that Jesus was born.  


Merry Christmas,

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