Blog March 6, 2016

  Blog March 6, 2016  

March 6, 2016

Luck, or Divine Intervention?


I have this paper bowl on my nightstand that Laura made me.  I love it because she made it, but it is also really a cool thing.  It is literally made out of paper.  You take construction paper and put it in the blender with water until it forms kind of a pasty wet mess.  Then you form it inside a bowl and let it dry. We use different colors of paper and it all swirls together when you press it in the bowl.  She presses in little words from magazines, like “Faith” or “Love”, cool buttons from our old button tin, ribbon, scraps of fabric cut into shapes etc.  We learned that if you coat the bowl with Mod Podge (the best invention since Velcro) those bowls will last forever.  Pretty much everyone in my family has one of these bowls.  They are great to put your earrings in when you go to bed, miscellaneous change, and if you are me, magical trinkets.  


I have a big coin with the Celtic cross on the front.  On the back it has an Irish Blessing. “May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”  My dad has a friend that is a Brother, or Monk, in the Catholic church.  When I first got sick with MS, he sent me this coin along with a prayer request he had passed along to his crew and they had all been praying for me.  I felt that.  I was in the hospital and Ben brought me the card and the coin and I have had it ever since.  Very cool.  I have a little silver angel that says “Peace” on it.  I do not remember where I got it, but I have had it forever.  I have another silver piece that has an angel on the front and says, “Believe in Miracles” on the back.  A friend of 30+ years gave me that another time that I was in the hospital.  I have this giant bean pod thing.  It looks like a piece of hollow wood and it is about the size of a silver dollar.  It is completely smooth.  These pods fall from a tree in Japan and drift all over the place and are found in different regions of the world, or something like that. The tree, however, grows only in its’ homeland.  That is where it is rooted, so to speak.  Someone gave me this when I was going through the anxiety of parenting a teenager.  It is a symbol of the roots I have planted, the groundwork that we lay from the time they are born.  I have beautiful smooth heart shaped rose quarts pieces that Laura gave me and an arrowhead that Nick gave me.  I have a St. Christopher pendant to protect, and a St. Jude pendant to work miracles when it seems that things are hopeless.  I have an earring of my Gram’s.  It is white plastic with fake-o sparkles in a circle around it.  It is a broken clip-on and I have only the one.  It is very ugly, but I love it because it is the one I remember Gram wearing the most.  I even thought it was ugly when she wore them and wondered why, oh why, would she wear those when she has a ton of that beautiful sparkly jewelry.  I have most of my Gram’s costume jewelry, as well as my Auntie Margie’s.  I love it!  The more bling, the better. 


When I am going through a hard time, or having a hard day, or know I am faced with something challenging that day, I put one of those things in my pocket.  It just depends on the situation which one I pick.  You can look at this as a lucky charm idea.  I see it more as a reminder that I have lots of people in my corner.  All of the items remind me that God is always in my corner.  Sometimes to have that physical item to touch is helpful to me.  So, if I start freaking out, I can put my hand in my pocket and remember He is with me.  I am not alone.  My Gram watches over me, my family loves me, I have done good work. Above all, though, He is beside me.  


So, the silver piece that says “Believe in Miracles” is a real stand by.  It is a “go to” in almost any circumstance.  The strange thing about this piece is that it is always getting lost.  It is the darnedest thing.  I can have it in my pocket, reach for it, and it is gone.  Poof.  I used to get upset and search for it everywhere.  Now I don’t worry because I know it will turn up at some point.  This is just crazy.  I have found it in the driveway, on the laundry room floor pushed into a corner, in the back of the car, all kinds of places.  It just seems to turn up.  Besides, I figure if it did get lost it was supposed to.  Someone else that needs it will find it and pick it up.  It will just continue reminding someone else that He is there beside them now.  So, the other day I was getting ready for a pretty stressful event in my life. Nick needed me to be strong and beside him and I was on my way out the door.  I didn’t think to grab anything for my pocket as I don’t do that every single time.  I was in a hurry.  I was, however, looking for my ear buds so that I could listen to my music while I waited.  For some reason I looked in my magazine rack.  That is so random.  No ear buds.  You know what was there?  Yep.  The silver piece.  Hmmmmm.  I picked it up and put it in my pocket.  I hadn’t seen that thing in forever. 


This was all related to some trouble that my son had gotten into from sins past.  He is going forward now and doing so very well.  I am just so proud of him.  We went to lunch and invited a friend of Nick’s from his new apartment building.  I will call him Joe.  What a nice person.  Life had dealt him a doozy of a hand.  He spoke to Ben and I so honestly and openly about his life.  His Mom and Stepdad were both addicts while he was growing up.  His mom had been in a horrible accident while on drugs and ended up paralyzed.  I gasped and said I was so sorry.  He said that it was a gift to her and to them.  She got clean.  She was present.  Joe is on his own journey to achieve long term sobriety.     You could see how badly he wants to break the chain.  Joe also has a 14 year old little brother.  I told him that I hoped that he could show his little brother his strength and help him choose a different path.  It would be so hard to be strong when what you have known from an early age has been drugs.  I saw strength in his eyes though and huge love for his little brother.  He spoke from his heart and I know things haven’t been easy.  To keep the cycle going would be easier then breaking it, but this kid can do it!  When we got home, I reached in my pocket to put my God reminder back in the paper bowl.  Just then it dawned on me what I would do with that.  I am going to give it to Joe so that he knows that God is on his side, he can do this, and that I believe in him.  He doesn’t know me (any more than you can know someone over one burger), but maybe, just maybe, it will give him a little light. Maybe it can be of help to him on hard days.  Maybe he will think I am nuts and just misplace it.  If so, someone else will find it one day and it will help them.  


I guess I think of my trinkets in the paper bowl as prayers.  Sometimes you just need a little extra something.  Sometimes just saying the prayers isn’t enough for me.  I need that physical object to touch to remember He thinks I am just fine.  Even when I doubt myself and my abilities, He does not waiver.  There are so many times that you have to just throw it up to God.  He surprises me with his divine intervention time and again.  Maybe He will shine a little light Joe’s way.


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